Quran and Sheikh Baaz Flat Earth

We have eleven verses that describe the earth as flat like a rug, carpet, bed, and spread. BUT not one single verse suggests the earth is Spherical or round – very easy words found in Arabic. The verses are: Quran [2:22], [15:19], [20:53], [43:10], [50:7], [51:48], [71:19], [78:6-7], [79:30], [88:20], [91:6].. Backed by Hadith that confirms Muhammad believed the earth is flat. All that narration and translations were pushed under the “carpet” in the 1960‘s when man landed on the moon.

Dr Joker Zakri, pressed on this major problem, invented the suggestion that Dahaha in verse 79:30 means ostrich egg. Anyone with basic Arabic knowledge can tell Dahaha is a verb, not a noun. And informed Arabs will tell you it means spreading , like when we spread bread. And if you do not believe me, check the verse for yourself on Quran.com or through the link below:

Under pressure to come up with any explanation, people like Zakri tried to twist new meanings out of the Quran. Looking for another obscured verse, they found a verde using the word كور (Kawar). While the word كور is derived from the word كرة (Kurah) it is not difficult to see it is a very different word. The Quran refers to the day and night (Kawar) over each other. But they get busted. The verse does not talk about Earth but about how the “day” takes over the night and so on. Translations present it:
“He created the heavens and the earth for a purpose. He wraps the night around the day, and wraps the day around the night…” Quran 39:5

That is because Muhammad said in multiple places that the light and dark are a form of a “cover” whereby the lights are bits of light “coming from behind the cover”.  Wrap around does not necessarily mean a ball. Can you not wrap a boxed gift!?

The Saudis had tried to remove all references to flat Earth from Shiekh Baaz but some old newspaper extracts remain online, for example this article from 1995:

He also suggested the Earth is fixed because this is clearly in the Quran – anyone who says otherwise is a kaffir, the video is in Arabic:

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