Tabuk and tafsir Quran 9:49

Prophet Mohammed said to his followers ” Invade tabuk and your spoils will be the daughters of Al Asfar(blonde white women)

One of his followers named Al Jadd said to Mohammed infront of all the Muslims ” draw me not into trail and don’t tempt me with blonde women because I don’t want to commit sin and allow me not to accompany you to tabuk”

Mohammed get  angry with this men and a Quran verse came down concerning him.

Sura 9:49 Tafser of al Tabari

“Among them is a man who says grant me exemption and Don’t draw me into trail, have they not fallen into trail already? Indeed hell surrounds the unbelievers on all sides” it was mentioned this verse came regarding a man named Al Jadd b qais, this was in reference to a men who said to the prophet give command so I don’t accompany you don’t tempt me with the daughters of al asfar(white blonde women from Roman Byzantines)
Tafser al Tabari, Q, 9:49

Why Jadd suddenly turned into kafir and why Allah sending him to hell fire for not wanting to commit sin?

Isn’t this sad promising sex here on earth and in heaven to recruit an army that can fight for you blindly without any questions or any opposition.

Allowing the Muslim army the spoils of war including taking women and children as a slave and taking married captive women as a sex slave while her husband is alive and Allowing her Muslim owner can have sex with her and her daughters and sell them any time they want.

This is the secret and the motivation of the Muslim army who conquered the known world.

You won’t get this translated to English because Islam without lies, dies! But here are multiple Islamic sources in Arabic. Just use Google or any translation app you have and read.

اغزوا تغنموا بنات الأصفر و نساء الروم

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