Impact of the internet on Islam.

He made that announcement on TV and it is reported in Arabic in multiple outlets:

Of course, who does he blame? The West, not Islam. But it is more to do with the fact now people have access to a lot more thanks to the Internet.

We are lucky to be at a time when the internet is available. You are a generation the missed out on a lot of bullshits -though some of it still exists! Lies and made up claims can now be shared and exposed online, so the people behind them are become more careful. There had been many fear tactics used to subdue people to stay in the faith…this is not particularly limited to Islam at all, but growing up in the faith, I can tell you the amount of bullshits that suggest swift and powerful revenges of Allah are so extra ordinary that in my days (before the internet) we truly believed it…like the example of leaving Islam giving us cancer -instantly. When AIDS first came out, it was suggested that it is Allah’s direct punishment to homosexuals – not mentioning that many straight people got it and Lesbians did not get it!!! There are people now, in my close circle of religious friends and family, who believe no one EVER leaves Islam – because it is perfect!! Yet if they ever switched their brains on and read the Quran they would find it full of scientific errors and hadith packed with immoral command. They are some who believe birth deformity is a punishment from Allah -even though in our culture of close relative marriages is a lot higher than in the West. We need this and other internet outlet to show everyone…we are no different, we have ridiculous claims just like you, we have scientific errors in our holy book just like you…and our prophet is not an example of humanity or morality by any standards. If it is cold and you need to warm up, burn any book (holy or otherwise) they will all equally warm you and nothing else will happen to you.

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