Expression of love in Islam

They can express their love in the open, but in a secular or liberal country. Why is this expression of love forbidden in our countries? What is wrong with it? I can answer that. Islam does not see love as an expression of partnership. Muhammad’s marriages are not based on love. They are political arrangements, business deals, and sexual lust.. NEVER based on love. Anyone who says otherwise, does not understand Seerat Al Nabi (story of Muhammad).

Take the Quran, the word love is NEVER mentioned once. One translation is found but only in the context of “don’t love..the enemies” Yes, take a look. But Nikah is mentioned 20 times. Nikah (نكاح) in Arabic Translated as f@&k – yes. It is so embarrassing, Urdu and many translations decided to replace it with the word “marriage” but open any online or offline Arabic translation and check it. Make sure it is Arabic to English translation.

So in Islam, Nikah Contract or the contract of two people getting together is in fact contract to f@&k! It is that simple. Islam does not factor love into it. When Muhammad did his Nikah Contract with A’isha, he was in effect agreeing to f@&k her at age of 6. That is why the Authentic Hadith, in at least five times, makes the point that Muhammad waited 3 years and showed patience.
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Oooh…so cute! 梁梁梁 Muhammad (FBI be upon him) is an example for us all.

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