Response to Earthquakes

This is now about the response to Earthquakes. And this is a problem that keeps repeating itself. Like Japan, Turkey, Syria and the whole mountainous regions of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, all the way to Afghanistan are at the high risk of Earthquakes. But rather than assess, prepare, and plan…they simply say “whatever Allah has written to me will happen!”

You may rightly point that they do not have the financial resources of Japan. I could argue religion is partly the source of that problem too and repeat the statement above. But even when Japan was poor with limited resources, pre-world wars, they planned by building wooden huts that shake with Earthquakes and are less likely to kill people if they fell.

We need to get out of that mentality of “we have no control, Allah has already written out destiny” and work harder toward safer buildings that are prepared for these Earthquakes. In my view, the responsibility here falls on the governments, the people, and most of all on the Quran that said again and again – Allah has already determined everything long long ago before humanity had started – including when we are born, die, if we believe or done believe!

We are better off without this ridiculous and harmful way of thinking. It is hurting us and hurting so many people – and more importantly stopping us from progress.

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