Egypt’s Minqarah pyramid has a hole, why?

Can Khalifa of Islam, Allah’s representative on Earth fail? Well apparently he does. But this goes beyond this foolish attempt to destroy one of the world’s wonders!! It is the Islamic doctrines of wiping out past civilisations, their history, their culture, their language, their art, even their music to replace it with one book. This is about a “cancel culture” they applied in on many nations all to be replaced witha 7th century book that saw destructions of multiple historical marvels in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Persia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan…and the list goes. Almost a jealous attitude …no one is better than us. So rather than making something even better, let’s destroy you first!

Shameful…but at least in this incident…we were lucky…Khalifa of Islam failed, Islam failed…and best of all Allah failed.
(Then scroll and read about “attempt to demolish”)
Can you imagine if we could only read of the pyramids in books as “these humanity secret wonders, the same way we read if Alexandria library or the hanging gardens of Babylon?

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