Earthquakes in the Quran: another scientific error in the Quran.

Another scientific error in the Quran, one of 200 errors you can find here:

It does not.take a genius to see from this maps that mountains do NOT prevent earthquakes. In fact, because many mountains (even under water mountains) are formed from tectonic plate movement, you are likely to find that earthquake are more frequent in mountainous or near mountainous areas. Same reason why Iran and Turkey have more earthquakes than Saudi or Iraq – and why south Europe and Central Asia have more earthquake than central or West Africa. Mountains never stopped or slowed earthquakes. When a tectonic plate shakes, everything above it shakes!

A research published in a peer reviewed journal found that “Nine out of ten disastrous earthquakes happened in mountainous area” –

So why does the Quran say Allah created mountains to stop earthquakes? Because this is what 7th century desert people used to believe…and as such this is what Muhammad used to believe…and it made it into the Quran! Next is the explanation:

Mountains Prevent Earthquakes:
Modern geology has discovered that large plates in the crust of the earth are responsible for the formation of mountains. Called Plate tectonic these massive plates meet and the pressure between them pushes up the crust forming mountains but also causing earthquakes and faults. the Qur’an propagates the idea that mountains are crucial in stabilizing the earth when, in fact, the earth would be much more stable and have less earthquakes if mountains did not exist.

He has placed into the earth firm mountains, so it does not shake with you, as well as rivers, and pathways so you may find your way.
Quran 16:15

If you compare Turkey map with Saudi Arabia, a country will have very few mountain ranges and very little earthquake risks, you can quickly see how thr claim “mountain” are there to stop Earthquake claim is bullshit!

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