Idolise Muhammad

If you take a moment and examine these facts you will quickly realise who we share with Allah – and why in some instances, we idolise even more than Allah.

How many other prophets do you mention in prayers, not once but again and again…. Muhammad is a staple part of it. We supposedly learned the prayer from Muhammad himself. Take a moment and imagine the prophet showing people how to pray to Allah and telling them “Now say Ishad ana la iel-lah illa Allah wa ashad ana Mohammad rassoul Allah” – was Muhammad also saying in his prayer a Shahada to confirm he is a prophet to Allah? What about the part where it says “Alslam Alika Ya Nabiul lah” (peace be upon you messenger of Allah) – was he “greeting himself” in his own prayer. 

Now consider the punishments in Islam for cursing or rejecting the prophet Muhammad, what reaction do you get?

Now imagine the reaction you get for cursing or rejecting any other prophet or Allah Himself!

Are you starting to see who we really idolise in Islam?

It all goes back to verse 33:21 in the Quran that says Muhammad is our best example to follow. And slowly but surely, we insist we don’t worship or idolise him but in reality we do! From chants of “those who insult the prophet should die” “I would sacrifice myself to defend the prophet” notice, not those who insult or offend Allah!

We slowly walked into idolising a man while insisting we don’t! And it is almost a competition, who loves him more!

I don’t think there is anything to idolise here of a slave master, womaniser (11 wives and unlimited women who offers herself to him Quran 33:50), having sex with war bounty sex slaves (Quran 66:1), underage marriages and divorce (Quran 65:4),  waged wars to expand his message, and the list goes on…

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