Islamic view on the burning of the Quran

The sad reality is that burning of the Quran is the standard Islamic practice of destroying old or unwanted books. It is not haram. It would have been more haram to flush it down the toilet or throw it in the bin. If burning of the Quran was such a huge insult to Islam, Uthman, Omar, and Abu Bakr should be hanged from their balls!! Aren’t they the ones who burned all other copies of the Quran, all early versions of it, so they can ensure only one copy is left? Imagine, original scripts touched by the prophet, burned! So, if burning was such an Islamic haram, why did they do it?

If we want to be technical for a moment and go back to the absolute fundamentals of Islam, a none Muslim holding the Quran with an unwashed hand (Without Wudu) or not fully washed if they had sex – THAT IS THE HARAM in Islam!! He does not have to do anything. Just say: I did not do the ceremonial washing before holding the Quran! But we seem to have completely forgotten this bit because it is not practical anymore. The Quran is being handled in libraries, bookshops, schools, universities by Kufar every second of the day that we stopped caring! It was always impractical.

What we have here are people being triggered by something their faith allows and not doing anything about their religion. In summary, those who are getting all triggered and protesting the burning of the Quran don’t know their own religion!!

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