Alisha age of marriage excuses debunked

Before anyone starts saying this is not true, please refer to an earlier post where I showed with absolute certainty that she got married off at age of 6 and Muhammad slept with her at age of 9 as list many many times in the authentic Hadith and here is the link on Sunnah website.

This post is to respond to Islamic apologists who know this but then try to make excuses for it (and why they deserve the title: apologists).

1. Mary married Joseph at age 12. Three things here: First, this is still double Aisha’s. Second, there is evidence that she remained a virgin even after the marriage. Third, I am atheist and I still find it wrong. So take your excuse somewhere else.

2. When they compare this story to different Kings in history, the answer to this is simple – these kings are not prophets of Allah where the Qur’an states in Quran 33:21

“Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah you have an excellent example for whoever has hope in Allah and the Last Day…”

3. “It was okay in his time.” Again, goes back to same problem above. How can Allah make him an “Excellent example” for us and he goes and marries a child and sleep with her!!

4. Girls back then matured younger because of the weather. Unless she was growing like bamboo, a six year old back then would be as mature (if not less mature) than a six year old now. There is absolutely no scientific or medical evidence that humans evolved this fast and worse more “reverse evolved” when Islam does not even accept the concept of evolution.

5. This was just for Muhammad, no one else. Absolute bullshit. When something was only open to Muhammad,  there was a verse for that like Quran 33:50 where it gave Muhammad the right to marry with “any woman who offers herself to him…AND ONLY HIM”. Thereby bypassing other men who only got 4 maximum (and unlimited war bounty women sex slaves!!).

However you try to rationalize it..Muhammad’s actions gave a green light to many old men to marry and sleep with little girls with unimaginable suffering and even deaths. There is a reason why not one single Islamic country has age of marriage anything under 12. He is not example to any humanity!!!

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