Financial corruption in the Islamic Dawah:

I sometimes wonder, if those Dawah people really believed in heaven full of all the stuff they claim to be (wine, women, sex….etc) then why don’t they donate some of their own money to these projects they regularly advertise on social media. In fact, we know they take a “legally and halal” cut of that money. So, rather than even doing it for the sake of Allah which they claim anyways – they take a small portion. Some have looked at the justification to how the prophet Muhammad used to take Khumus (one fifth or 20%) of war bounty, some take less, and some take more. One thing that tells you how much they are taking is the fact most of them do not have a real job that is sufficient to earn the money they end up making in property, cars, and lifestyle they have.

At least in the Middle East, they are regularly exposed as diverting that money to get expensive cars, spending their children to private and western universities, expansive lifestyle, and large savings.

Take Dr Zakir Naik, he as accused of having $28million dollars in flats all out in his direct family members names. We all know about his poor upbringing. Now, ask yourself, where did that money come from? Factory business? His higher education work? And why would anyone need all that money in properties…how much more is hidden in secret bank accounts? As an ExMuslim, I should rejoice that he is such a scam that he has not used that money to spread Islam – but the hypocrisy is just ridiculous.

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