Islam Cognitive dissonance part 1

The shock must be overwhelming! Having not experienced anyone openly critical of their faith, many of my brothers and sisters react with anger. Their reaction is like the shit hits the fan!! Why? Psychologist call it “Cognitive Dissonance”.

Cognitive Dissonance is not restricted to one religion, but the reaction to it differs based on religious teaching. Some learn to ignore it, some learn to accept it, while others who live in a bubble and never seen such things get excessively aggressive and even violent. We say, learn to challenge your faith the same way you want other to challenge their own faith. Read what they have to say, and ask yourself….Do they have a valid point? If not, think carefully and write your response. Do not spam us with verses and irrelevant YouTube videos… This is not going to work.

Here are the answers to these common questions:

  1. We did not come from monkeys, we evolved over millions of years from primates.
  2. Humans do not need religion to know morals. There are 1.2 billion atheists and agnostics in the world, you do not see them committing crimes and killing.
  3. We know you want to convince yourself that your faith has not been shaken. But your reaction says otherwise. This maybe the first chip but now you curious brain will never be able to shake it out. You can try to ignore it, but it is always there.

Refuse as you may, to understand Evolution and the universe you do not need a level of IQ to accept unscientific commands that suggest man is made of clay and women is made from his rib… You just need to be a sponge.

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Notice: All the memes are public domain and as such you are welcomed to share freely. This blog is your one-stop source for all the information you need as an Ex-Muslim leaving Islam. Due to popular demands, I have decided to set up an online blog with all the memes you will need to source. The memes are intended to be fun, touches of humour, and informative. Every year many people like you and me, leave Islam. The US reports that 23% of American born Muslims have left Islam, 18% of British Muslims have left Islam, BBC reported in 2019 that 18% of Arabs see themselves are irreligious with the rate as high as 30% among the youth. This page is intended mainly to translate the many atheist Arabic memes that are shared in the Arabic social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Islamophobic content will not be tolerated! Content that challenges the teachings of the Quran, Hadith, Serat (story) of Mohammad, and Islamic teachings are all welcomed. If you are considering to convert to Islam or you are Muslim who is questioning your faith, this is the place to be. We welcome your contributions.

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