Taliban first few weeks:

I wrote this commentary September 2021 (Check my Instagram page, scroll and you will see it!). How accurate was I in my predictions? Maybe I am a prophet? Maybe now I can claim 20% of all war bounty and unlimited women who offer themselves to me! Maybe not. I have better morals than that man!
What have we seen so far from Taliban to judge them?

They have allowed people to leave, but then they could not have stopped people at the early stage.

They have allowed women (covered from top to toe) in black burqa at University. Very odd dress code when the standard dress code is a light blue burqa. I have to question why the dress code at university is not white or cream or matching light blue ..why black? I know why. It has the intention of making them stand out as the black sheep!! It is intended to shame them as they walk to study.

Then comes the first decision by the Education Ministry to allow only secondary boys to go back to school. The Taliban are probably looking into how to shame any girls going to secondary…maybe brown?? Maybe not allowed at all.

The last shocking decision was to cancel the Ministry of Women to be replaced in the same building as Ministry of Vice and Discipline.

They are slowly reassuring their control of the country and in format even faster than what we saw in Iran post the Islamic Revolution. I can bet all my money that women will be either banned or asked to study from home by next year. I can bet all my money that we are only few months away fro witnessing public stoning, execution, and hand cutting. Remember ISIS supporters where not phased by these when ISIS did this, so don’t be too surprised if Taliban supporter will still defend it.

If I look at the half full cup, I would say this is something we need and having an example of Shariah Law country that implements 7th century barbaric laws and justice is exactly what we need. They will bring about the moderates who will have to take sides and likely feel alienated when faced with the reality of Islam….our job as Exmuslims has never been more needed. Time to rewrite the famous verse

“Have you not seen the victory of Taliban has come about and people leave Islam in droves….”

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