The author of the Quran is:

If there was never evidence who is writing the Quran, chapter 33:

Zaynab was married to Zaid, Muhammad’s adopted son. One day Muhammad paid a visit to Zaid’s house. Not expecting Muhammad, , Zaynab answered the door dressed in a revealing garment, and Muhammad immediately developed a desire for her. When Zaid learned of the prophet’s infatuation, he divorced Zaynab so Muhammad could marry her. This turned into a scandal among the Arabs, who equated Muhammad’s actions with incest, since he married his daughter-in-law. Soon thereafter, Muhammad received few convenient revelations:

First, cancel adoption. A tradition of over thousands of years in Arabia and other heavenly books with unimaginable suffering for children.

“Let your adopted children keep their family names. That is more just in the sight of Allah. But if you do not know their fathers, then they are ˹simply˺ your fellow believers….”
Quran 33:5

And then few verses later…. 

“… So when Zaid had accomplished his desire from her (i.e. finished with her), We gave her to you in marriage…. And God’s Command must be fulfilled.”
Quran 33:37

And just like that we see “Allah” doing Muhammad favour and apparently “forcing” him to marry Zaynab. And what happened the first night he married her? Nailed her…..

Apologist excuses: Zaid and Zaynab were having marital problems and Muhammad was just trying to help. ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!! Is this the solution now, when a couple have marital problems, divorce and hand her over to one of your relatives? What is she? A camel? And this martial dispute made its way to a holy book!! Finally, Allah who knows the future, did not think of banning adoption…say 20 years earlier when Muhammad adopted Zaid as his son?

Later, when Muhammad kept getting women offering themselves to him, and one of his wives made a scene another verse came 33:50 saying he can sleep with any women he wants. Notice, all in the same chapter!!!

Wait wait.. wait, in 33:53, “Allah” tells visitors Muhammad is shy and busy. Once you been and had dinner, leave!! And just before he tells us goodbye “no bastard who dares to f@#k my women after I die!!” Someone was worried if one of the women would say “Wow you are soo good, for one thing, you lasted much longer than the prophet!”

And just in case anyone was to question Muhammad’s actions, and seriously there are many to ask, verse 33:21 came to set him as the BEST example to follow for those who want to enter heaven. Again…all in the same chapter!

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