Blind faith test in Islam:

It is all about blind faith:

The Quran is full of metaphorical descriptions, which means one can make out anything out of it. Ultimately, Dawah people are looking for someone who is ready for the bind faith test based on one or two arguments. You pass it, you are in. The key test is actually going ahead with the Shahada, which is in effect saying you witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messanger. But have you really been a witness to testify to this? No. But since you are ready to believe stuff you cannot see, how much harder is it going to be to get you accept vague stuff in the Quran you cannot see or if you research them yourself, you will find they don’t make sense.

Take a recent argument I had with a new Dawah guy on my page. He scrolled nearly four weeks down my posts to pick on one where I question how the Sun can go to a place and knee to Allah waiting for permission to raise again .. this is clearly a serious scientific errors as the Sun is fixed and we rotate around it….so how can the Sun “go anywhere to knee to Allah” this is clearly a desert dweller view from Earth and confirms many mistakes we see in the Quran. He argued that the “meaning” suggest to is always kneeing and asking permission, which is not. Related it to how a verse “miraculously” predicted the big bang when it says the sky and earth where one and it split…I pointed to the fact the Quran also said that Earth was created first “then” the sky. He challenged me saying my interpretation of the Quran is most definitely wrong. I gave him the verses and not heard from him in four days – he even stopped his posting new posts on his Dawah pages!

And there you have it. There are many  pages found online set up by people who left the faith,  books on Amazon, and YouTube videos taking about scientific errors, morality and logical problems in Islam that shows all the garbage.

My top source that I read carefully and researched carefully is the link below.
You should make it your one stop shop to getting your evidence quick and easy…

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