Jihad marriages in Islam

Islam makes it clear that most people, even observant of Islam, will have a taste of hell for the few sins they make. It is on balance, if one has more good deeds than bad deeds, they can enter heaven. BUT there are few exception, some may call them “The Golden Keys”
– Fight the Jihad in the name of Allah and spread Islam gets you into heaven immediately and all sins whipped out.

Many moderates have taken a new look at this definition. By charming women of other faiths or no faith into loving them, they look for shortcut to heaven. They show them that they are very different to religiousl Islamist. These men may even drink alcohol, go partying, and even have extramarital sex. They may not even pray or fast regularly, showing a side that they are rather irreligious or agnostics. The minute things become serious they would turn around and say…

“I would love to marry you. But I can only marry a girl who is Muslim too” giving them variety of reasons such as family pressure and that conversion is not that bad… Convincing them that all the stories they heard about Islam are lies.

Ultimately, the guy knows she had fallen head over heals for him. And if she converts, all the partying, no praying, drinking, extramarital sex sins are whipped out. And they gradually introduced them to Islam, and before you know it, she is wearing a vail and being celebrated by his community and he is tapped on his back for being a hero.

Growing up, I had two uncles who did this. One married a French lady and one married a Czech lady. Both using the same tactics. Back in the 1970’s, European women did not understand anything better. Unfortunately, in both cases it back fired. The French one, after 20 years of marriage, divorced and her two boys moved to France. She returned to Christianity (quietly) and her two boys are atheists. The Czech lady ran away within a year and gave birth abroad. Her son, well, we never met him.

Rarely Muslim women do Jihad Romeo, but it happens. We should all be very careful not to label all inter-religious marriages as jihad marriages. I know few who genuinely loved their partners and made many adjustments that otherwise are against Islam.
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