How to get sexually deprived desert dwellers to give up everything and fight for you? Promise them a brothel-like heaven. Take a look:

Men are rewarded with virgins:
“[For the Companions of the Right Hand] We have created (their Companions) of special creation. And made them virgin – pure.”
Qur’an 56:35-36

These virgin Hoors will have firm breasts:
” Verily for the Righteous there will be a fulfilment of (the heart’s) desires; Gardens enclosed, and grapevines; And voluptuous women of equal age;”
Qur’an 78:31-33

Hadith confirm there will be 72 virgins each:
“‘The smallest reward for the people of Heaven is an abode where there are eighty thousand servants and seventy-two hoor, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls….”
Al-Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, Ch. 21, No. 2687

Gets worse, Islamic books describe the paradise creature Hoor vaginas as appetising and men constantly on viagra!!!

“Each time we sleep with a Hoor we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.”
Al-Itqan fi Ulum al-Qur’an, p. 351

Men will be given the sexual strength of 100 persons
The Prophet said: ‘The believer will be given such and such strength in Paradise for sexual intercourse. It was questioned: O prophet of Allah! can he do that? He said: “He will be given the strength of one hundred persons.
Mishkat al-Masabih, Book 4, Ch. 42, No. 24
A man’s penis will remain ‘ever-erect’:
Abu Umama narrated: “The Messenger of God said, ‘Everyone that God admits into paradise will be married to 72 wives; two of them are houris and seventy of his inheritance of the [female] dwellers of hell. All of them will have libidinous sex organs and he will have an ever-erect penis.’ “
Sunan Ibn Maja, Zuhd (Book of Abstinence) 39

What do good Moslima women get? You tell me!

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