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Welcome to my Ex-Muslim page of memes and posts. I am the original Arabic Translated Memes and you will see all my work, from earlier years and additions that are donated by other Ex-Muslims. Feel free to share these memes with the text they come with.

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Religion of Peace

What does peace really means is so funny.


Our history is full of beautiful things, check how amazing it has been.


Afterlife is a promise of 72 virgins, rivers of milk and honey. But what do women get?


The Challenges of Ramadan are both funny and torturous.


Satire is way of expressing disbelieve with some of the practices of our faith.


The logic behind faith in general but also about Islam specifically.

Quran and Hadith

If you thought only other religious have funny and ridiculous claims, think again!


There are many scientific errors in the Quran and the Hadith, here is where we share some of these errors.

Infighting: Sunni verses Shia

Historical infighting in Islam shows that our religion cannot stand each other, let alone others!

Human Rights

What rights do we have as Ex-Muslims? What rights do we have as none believers?


We are always told that we learn morality from religion and where we would be without faith?


Slavery was never banned in Islam and slave trade flourished in Islam long before the transatlantic slave trade.

Women Rights

Is Islam feminist and pro-women rights? Judge for yourself.

Seasonal: COVID-19

Covid-19/ Coronavirus was supposed to be a punishment from Allah. Social media was quick to respond!


Quotes and more

Quotes from Ex-Muslims as well as fun posts.

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